Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Post Mortem

 "I can't believe this thing still works."

I'm not sure if that statement is about this blog or my body. The blog has been abandoned and almost forgotten about for years now. As far as the body, I've put it through hell and back in and out of the gym my entire life. This blog actually a nice snap shot of those decisions I've made consistently to choose strength, aesthetics, and performance over health. This is mainly to do with my pride and insecurity. I felt like I needed to assert my physical dominance in order to be appreciated, accepted, and legitimized in my field but also just in general. This, often times has been with blatant disregard to my own health and longevity.

This has led to some cool experiences and many things I am proud of, but also to a broken, beat up, vessel that is worn far beyond its years. I have had torn labrums, rotator cuffs, broken back, broken neck, nerve damage, countless amounts of arthritic cartilage, bone spurs, bone bruises, patella issues, and the list goes on. Some have been talked about here and others not.

I think I want to continue this blog as a way of chronicling my struggle and process of transitioning from performance and athlete to health and coach. All while making sure my body is as functional as possible. I don't want to push my body to the point of sacrificing it for a moment of glory anymore. I have truly changed my mind set. But make no mistake about, I would love nothing more than to push the envelop every day were it a possibility. I hope my continuation of this, if nothing else, is cathartic and allows me to feel as though I have stayed on the same path all these years, have just taken detours and changed the destination as needed. The goal has always been the same: Chronicling my odyssey of finding balance, happiness, meaning through doing what I love with who I love.

 My business thegymgypsy.com has become my main source of energy and income over the last 3 years. That is my future. However, if it were not for my old blog Questto275k.blogspot.com, I would have never ventured or tried to create that business. So... to better understand my future, I will be diving into my past. For the next couple months and possibly longer, I will be posting old Blog posts from the past and earlier stages of my training and coaching journey. I will have the original dates and will not update them. I will also be adding new content to both of these site. While, my main site if the gym gypsy, I have a deep desire to keep the original alive as long as the site is up and running. Hopefully some of you will enjoy reading these and maybe even take something out of them. There very well may be many things I no longer agree with in these posts, and will most likely make a new post about those discrepancies, but again I will NOT be altering the originals. I'm sure many may not care about these and there are so many more blogs and fitness sites now than when I started it and that is fine. This is more for myself than anyone else but I did think it would be good to at least share it incase anyone is interested.

Be on the look out for first throwback post this Thursday on thegymgypsy.com

P.S. did anyone get the PUN in the name of the post? #dadjokes

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cardio day

This whole session wore me out I think being sick caught up to me a little. Still not back to 100% that being said I took it pretty easy/lazy today. (Saturday)

Prowler pushes  (135) 
30sec sprint 
Rest 3min
Felt sick and dizzy after this one

Sled sprints 50m 90lb
Rest 2min
Felt a little better by now

Sled pulls slow 2min continuous 115lb
Rest 4min
Soooo there was an undercover cop that pulled her gun out on someone in the middle of my first slow pull. Ya I stopped and took a break a couple hundred yards away. Weird. Other than that they were all continuous. 

Farmers carry 2pd each hand 400m
This was the most lazy I was. I know I've done these unbroken before but walked instead of ran and drop about 6 times. 

I slept better the last couple nights. Feel better each day. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Backed up, not lazy

Sorry for the buffet of training data. I know it makes it harder on you. I haven't done shit but the bare minimum the last week. Felt like death.

Prowler pushes (moderate load fast foot turnover)
20 seconds @100% effort
rest 2:40
Sled sprints (light/fast)
50m @100% speed
rest 2:30
Slow heavy sled drags 1 min continuous pulls
rest 2 min
Farmers walk; 150m for time 2 pood x3; rest 1 min bw sets

Did all these even got the slow drags this week. They were probably the worst.

Airdyne 5 min z1
5 min mobility work
Worked scap with bands, Crossover symmetry style and rolled out for mobility

A. Squat clean from high blocks; build to a max
350lb. Fuck....That was my front squat max a couple weeks ago. Missed it once too far back and folded me a little. Ended up just dumping instead of trying to stand it up. I also hit 340 like cake.

B. Hang squat clean; 3 on the min for 10 min 185#
Easy, didn't really get winded. this was kind of fun. Almost metcon level.

C. Jumping back squats; 8-10x4; rest 2 min
I went down in weight from last week per your suggestion. I think I got more out of it. Definitely more explosive
D. Back squat; 5x3; rest
Did 345. This was challenging but doable. I think it was the right weight. Happy with it.

A. Strict press; 6, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2; rest 2 min
Went 180, 190, 205, 185, 195, 210 felt prettty good but last rep at 210 was a pretty much a standing bench press :/ the rest werepretty.

B. Weighted eccentric only pull ups @31A1; 3-4x5; rest 2 min
did 80,100,120,120,100 all 5reps

C. Bent over DB elbowing rows; 10-12x4; rest 1 min bw arms
Started at 55lb then moves to a 2pd KB. Got a little heavy but I controlledthem for the most part. 12 reps all sets.

D. Seated arnold press; 10-12x4; rest 2 min
Went up big time from last week. Last set was 55's for 12 had to sit back on the upright bench for the last couple reps, others were free sitting.
Airdyne sprints 20 seconds @100%
slow spin recover 2:10
airydne 10 min z1
Had to miss this, promised to help a friend move and there was confusion on wht time. Long story. I def got my cardio though...

A. Clean pulls 5x1; rest 2 min
375 across. Thi felt pretty heavy but then again I'm not 100% back from the cold.

B. Front squat @2020; 2-4x5; rest 2 min
285lb. This felt pretty good was about to go 4reps on all sets at the required tempo
These are great yet frustrating as I know the time under tension and control is what I need for my goals and also trying to force less intensity for my down day of squatting but I feel like the weight is sub par because I'm not used to it. Catch 22, I know.
C. Rear foot elevated BB split squat; 4-5x2; rest 2 min bw legs
135, these felt pretty good. glad to have the reps/sets down.

D. Reverse hypers; 12-15x5; rest 2 min
Didsed pull throughs with 90. getting to like these Really feel the glute and ham activation

E. Single leg bench elevated hip extensions; 12-15x5; rest 1 min bw legs
Didn't forget these like last week. They got a little burn towards the end but god stuff. My ass looks fabulous now...(said as gay as possible)

Sleep has been shitbut last ngiht was the first time I was able to hit the sack without having to get out of bed and try to sleep standing up. Thats how bad the coughing was. Looking forward to an early night tonight and good rest.

Pain is just sore from doing nothing. I hate tat worse than training soreness. Feel like an old man on his death bed. Ready to start moving forward again. Fucking excited for progress.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28/29th

A. Clean pulls 5x3; rest 2 min
Did these at 345lb. Felt pretty heavy but pulls always do. 

B. Front squat @2020; 4-6x5; rest 2 min
255lb. These felt easier than last weeks at 225. 

C. Rear foot elevated BB split squat; 6-8x3; rest 2 min bw legs
95lb. Right Knee was bothering me a little on these. 

D. Reverse hypers; 12-15x4; rest 2 min 
Did pull throughs at 90# lots of butt

E. Single leg bench elevated hip extensions; 12-15x4; rest 1 min bw legs
I actually just realized I missed these. Damn. 

A. Split jerk; 15 singles @300-330#; rest 90 seconds
I started at 305 and got up to 330 one miss at 320 but made it up in the 90sec 

B1. DB single arm Push press; 8-10x5; rest 1 min
B2. Weighted pull up clusters 2.2.2x5; rest 20 seconds/rest 2 min
55lb DB and 85lb weighted pull-up. Need heavier DBs

C1. DB bench press; 8-10x4; rest 1 min
C2. Bent over single arm DB rows; 8-10x4; rest 2 min
55lb DBs on bench and 2pd kettle bell for rows 
D. Hollow rocks; accumulate 3 min for time did 1min, then 30 sec sets. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Couple days worth

A. Split jerk; 15 singles @295-325#; rest 90 seconds
Got did these at 305-315 missed one on a fluke made it immediately afterwards. 

B1. DB single arm Push press; 8-10x4; rest 1 min @55lb each hand
B2. Weighted pull up clusters 2.2.2x4; rest 20 seconds/rest 2 min @60lb
Too easy but no bigger DBs

C1. DB bench press; 8-10x3; rest 1 min
55lb each hand
C2. Bent over single arm DB rows; 8-10x3; rest 2 min
55lb these were too easy too

D. Powell raises @30x0; 10-12x3; rest 1 min bw arms
5-15lb 15 was tough

Prowler pushes (moderate load fast foot turnover)
20 seconds @100% effort
rest 2:40
225lb. At the pure strength HQ
Sled sprints (light/fast)
50m @100% speed
rest 2:30

Slow heavy sled drags 1 min continuous pulls
rest 2 min
x5 didn't have time to do these had to podcast. 
Farmers walk; 100m for time 2 pood x4; rest 1 min bw sets 
I got to play with the new pure strength farmers carry apparatus and since I had less time I used 95lb. For each one. 

Airdyne 5 min z1
5 min mobility work
Did shitty time management today so I did 15min AD and then did mobility with my classes. 

A. Squat clean from high blocks clusters 1.1.1x5; rest 20 seocnds/rest 2 min

B. Snatch balance; 3 reps on the min for 5 min 135#
Done really easy. Actually did them as drop snatches instead. 

C. Jumping back squats; 8-10x3; rest 2 min did these at 180lb. Probably could have done more but these were weird. Was a little hesitant. 

D. Back squat; 5x5; rest 3:30
315lb. Prob could have done more but this was a good weight to start at if I'm going to be doing these. my right knee had some pain in the last set. (other side from the normal one. Weird. We will see how it feels tomorrow. 

Pain. Just the knee. 

Sleep. It's been a so so. Hit and miss. I think I'm getting good deep sleep because recently I'm waking up feeling drunk. Haha. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Post two days in a row?

A. Clean pulls 5x5; rest 2 min
Did these at 295. Took my a set to get used to them. It's been a while. 

B. Front squat @2020; 6-8x5; rest 2 min
225 I could have been a bit heavier but wasn't sure about the tempo requirement. 6,7,8 burned pretty good. 

C. Rear foot elevated BB split squat; 10-12x4; rest 2 min bw legs
Two sets with the bar and two with 75. This was light but I was a little hesitant about my knee. Wasn't too bad. Balance was a bitch. 

D. Reverse hypers; 12-15x3; rest 2 min
Did sled pull throughs instead. 90lb

E. Single leg bench elevated hip extensions; 12-15x3; rest 1 min bw legs
Done. Feel silly Doing them but I feel it. 

Soooo I got into a team muscle snatch off. Me and another coach went against a past coach and an athlete. We had to muscle snatch, they could get it up anyhow. We won. I muscle snatched 210. Feel pretty good about it. Stopped there. 

Pain: felt recovered this morning and good afterward. Low back Little sore now but it's prob the extra snatching. 

Sleep: last night was good. Bed early and about 8+ hr sleep. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hey, look a post!!

Another couple missed sessions so here is the last one.

Jerk off the blocks
I stopped 345, this is about 30lb below my max but pretty happy since I haven't jerked from the block in at least two months. I actually missed it once then rested about 60sec and made it.

Front Squat
I was doing doubles and PR at 340, then I went for 350 and only got one, which was a PR single. Good stuff. The Safety bar Squats are helping. I didn't budge forward, just didn't have the juice in the legs.

A buttload of mobility. Banded scap work, yoga positions, banded good mornings, etc.

Snatch of blocks (above knee)
I worked up to 124kg(273) which is only 4lb. off my all time PR from the ground so this was actually really cool. I missed it and then was an idiot and went for it agin immediately afterwards and missed again. finally I composed myself and I dropped back down to 90kg, then 110kg, then came back and made it.

3@245 EMOM 15min.
This was playing around with something coach and I were talking about. I didn't feel a huge pump during but definitely got DOMS from it so pretty cool.

I jumped in with the 5:30 big dawg class and did 5RM on Weighted strict pull-ups
I went 40,60,80, then got 3 3/4 with 100. Didn't really have a previous on this. I've gotten 90 for 3, and 120 for 1 for sure. Felt good.

Pain: I've had this pain in my left knee for a while that is weird. It feel like an impact pain, as in it was hit and is sore to the touch but it hasn't really stopped and flares up after I train. I took saturday and today off before training tomorrow to see how it feel after two days off. Doesn't hurt when I have my sleeves on and am wrapped during training, just after. Getting old sucks. Everything else is ok. Elbow pain is only in certain odd positions and doesn't really effect me in day to day activities or in training anymore, though I can tell it's still there. Hopefully the slow body building and rehab movements will continue to help. Back stays a little tight in the morning, funny, it seems to get worse the less I train, there's some motivation right there.

Sleep/Supplements: I've been taking a supplement call sovereign which is a sleep aid but without any l-dopa or gabba stuff so no drunk feeling. I really think it is actually working. I've noticed a difference in my body composition in the mornings which I think is directly related. I also got back on ZMA and Vit-D. In addition to these, I've been taking Grassfed Ghee and MCT oil in my espresso in the mornings(of which I drink way too much) but I've been trying to not have any caffeine past 2pm.